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Our drive system: the perfect interplay between optimal components.

Your CLAAS machine is much more than the sum of its individual parts. Top performance is only possible when all the parts are ideally matched and work together optimally.

ARION 600-500 Stage V

Our drive system: the perfect interplay between optimal components.

Your CLAAS machine is much more than the sum of its individual parts. Top performance is only possible when all the parts are ideally matched and work together optimally.

Engine + Drive train.

ARION 600-500 Stage V

Constant output is just as important as pure power.

Strong at heart.

The CLAAS-specific engine performance curve provides full torque in a wide engine speed range, guaranteeing constant output and power delivery when they are needed. This makes it easy to save fuel while working at a low engine speed and maximum torque with the ECO PTO, or to work at rated speed with a full reserve.

ARION 600-500 Stage V

Simple, user-friendly and continuously variable.


The ARION 600 / 500 CMATIC come with the continuously variable EQ 200 / 220, developed and built by CLAAS. This intelligent combination of stepped planetary gearbox, clutch unit and two hydrostatic units guarantees optimum power flow. The transmission is very simple in structure, with two automatically shifted drive ratios.

ARION 600-500 Stage V

Efficient powershift transmission.


With HEXASHIFT you can shift effortlessly through all six powershift speeds and the four automatic ranges using your fingertips, or you can shift automatically using the HEXACTIV auto-shift function. Overlapping  powershift speeds allow you to utilise the full output potential of the engine and provide smooth range shifting on the road.

ARION 600-500 Stage V

Smart ideas throughout.

CLAAS tractor concept for greater flexibility.

CLAAS offers a range of factory-installed pre-fittings and equipment specially designed for ARION 600 / 500 tractors to make the tractor as versatile as possible.

ARION 600-500 Stage V

Powerful and economical 
at the push of a button.


The PTO speed is easily pre-selected at the touch of a button. Another button on the armrest activates the PTO.

ARION 600-500 Stage V

Simple connections.

Powerful hydraulic system.

All eight hydraulic couplings at the rear of the ARION have release levers, so they can be connected and disconnected even under pressure. The colour-coding on the inlet and outlet sides make it easier to attach implements correctly. Oil leakage lines collect the oil from the couplings when attaching and removing connectors.

ARION 600-500 Stage V

The rear linkage handles even the heaviest of implements.

The rear linkage.

With a maximum lifting capacity of 7.5 and 8.0 t, ARION 600 / 500 tractors can carry the heaviest of implements. The rear linkage configuration can be tailored to individual requirements.

ARION 600-500 Stage V

More versatility. 
More applications.

The front linkage.

All ARION models can be supplied with two different front linkages:

- 3.0 t max. lifting capacity

- 4.0 t max. lifting capacity

ARION 600-500 Stage V

A perfect fit.

CLAAS front loaders.

For front loaders in particular, the connection to the tractor is extremely important in order to guarantee safe, fast loading operations. When developing the ARION 600 / 500 model range, it was therefore very important for the attachment brackets to be fully integrated into the complete tractor concept.

ARION 600-500 Stage V

Fast maintenance.

Fast, straightforward maintenance.

Daily maintenance work should be as straightforward as possible – because we know from experience that nobody enjoys doing things that are complicated or inconvenient.

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