When it comes to technology, you expect the best, and we welcome that. Because that challenges us to keep getting better, and to keep coming up with new ideas. Great technology is built on meticulous attention to each and every detail, to keep the entire machine running smoothly.

LINER swathers



When it comes to technology, you expect the best, and we welcome that. Because that challenges us to keep getting better, and to keep coming up with new ideas. Great technology is built on meticulous attention to each and every detail, to keep the entire machine running smoothly.


LINER swathers

Rotor dome assembly.

A smooth running mechanism.

  • Continuously lubricated, maintenance-free rotor dome assembly in all models
  • Intelligent drive concept with individual rotor overload protection
  • Robust and durable cam track, made of spheroidal graphite cast iron
LINER swathers

Continuously lubricated rotor dome assembly for professional operators.

The swathing transmission is located in a solid cast housing (rotor dome assembly), which is filled with oil and hermetically sealed. This means the core component of the LINER is protected from soiling, and is therefore maintenance-free. The cam rollers and all moving parts run smoothly in an oil bath, with virtually no friction. This provides optimum lubrication, for maximum service life.

LINER swathers

The CLAAS long-running cam track.

High performance under all conditions – its spheroidal graphite iron construction gives the cam track the strength required to withstand any load. The large diameter and the gentle rise of the cam track ensure that the thrust forces from the turning momentum are minimised. As a result, the tine arms operate smoothly, giving a clean raking action without material fatigue, even during periods of prolonged use.

Built to last.

The LINER's operating reliability and stamina make it an ideal part of the core forage harvesting team. To ensure clean swathing results when they matter most, all machine parts are designed to meet the most rigorous requirements.

The cam track arms have a triple-bearing system in the 14-tine arm rotor dome assembly, and a dual-bearing arrangement in the 12-tine arm version. The plain bearings are generously dimensioned and wear-resistant. This reduces wear on the cam rollers, protecting them against both horizontal and vertical loadings.

LINER swathers

Compact: robust 11- or 8-arm rotor dome assembly.

Some of the small LINER models are fitted with a smaller rotor dome assembly. But here again the steel cam rollers are continuously lubricated in an oil bath, with the robust cast housing hermetically sealed and maintenance-free. The tine arm brackets are secured to the cam track arms either by means of clamping cotter pins, or via a positive connection with a lemon profile.

Drive design concept.

LINER swathers feature a highly reliable, entirely external drive train, ensuring ease of access. The main driving force is transferred to the rotors via an auxiliary gearbox with intelligent gear ratios. That means you are always working at optimum revolutions, which reduces fuel consumption and also protects the crop material. An integrated freewheel mechanism is fitted as standard, to protect the rotors against overload.

Low maintenance.

The LINER is an incredibly low-maintenance machine, with a 250-h lubrication interval for the universal joints of the drive shafts, and a 50-h interval for the travel drive shaft.

LINER swathers

Tine arms.

Better quality means better results.

  • Predefined bending points on all tine arms
  • Faster tine arm replacement in the event of a collision, with the PROFIX attachment system
  • Top-quality materials for maximum strength
LINER swathers

Patented PROFIX system.

In the event of a collision with an extraneous object, the tine arms deflect at a predefined bending point and are then easily replaced, thanks to the patented PROFIX bracket mounting. The bending points are located outside the rotor dome assembly, which therefore remains undamaged. All PROFIX tine arm attachment components can be replaced in a matter of moments, at minimum expense.

The 20-spline multiple gearing attachment keeps the tine arms firmly attached, with no play, and therefore no wear. The seating position is clearly indicated with marker arrows.

LINER swathers

Predefined bending points in all models.

In the smaller 11-arm rotor dome assembly, the tine arms are attached with PROFIX, clamping splints or tensioning cotters, according to the model. In the 8-arm rotor dome assembly, clamping splints are used. In both rotor dome assemblies, in the event of a collision the tine arms deflect at a predefined bending point, and can be immediately replaced.

Strong arms for every rotor.

The generous tube diameter and wall material thickness make the tine arms extremely strong. The tine arm length varies according to the model, so the same type of rotor dome assembly can have different rotor diameters (see table).

Rotor diameter

14-arm rotor dome assembly12-arm rotor dome assembly11-arm rotor dome assembly8-arm rotor dome assembly
4.20 m or 3.80 m3.50 m, 3.30 m or 3.20 m2.90 m2.65 m

LINER swathers

Lemon profile attachment and PROFIX tine arm attachment system in the LINER 700.

LINER swathers

Lemon profile attachment and clamping splint in the LINER 370 and 320.

LINER swathers

User-friendly detailed features.

First work, then relax and enjoy yourself, they say – 
with the LINER you can do both at once.

  • Clean swath, thanks to step sequencing and maximum lift heights
  • Narrow turning circle safe road transport
  • Easy adjustment of working height and rake width
LINER swathers

Adjustable hydraulic step sequencing.

On folding up into the transport position, or when lifting at the headland, the rotors are first raised parallel to the ground, and only then turn inwards. This means the swath is not spoiled by rotating tines. In the lifting operation, the front section of the rotor is raised first and, during lowering, the rear chassis wheels contact the ground before the front wheels. As a result, the tines do not dig into the soil, and the harvested crop stays clean.

Unmatched lifting heights.

The maximum lifting height in headlands allows passage over even the largest swaths. So you can turn quickly, with no effect on the clean swath.

LINER swathers

Maximum manoeuvrability.

The maximum steering lock is marked on the drawbar. This is a great advantage in the field, and essential when negotiating narrow entrances, for example.

LINER swathers

Flexible rake height and width.

Both working height and rake width are easily adjustable on all models. For optimum rake width adjustment, on the larger models, there is also a scale on the telescopic arms. The rake height can be read off the central shaft of the rotor chassis at any time, and adjusted as required.

LINER swathers

On-road travel.

Convenience both on and off the road.

  • Road transport height of less than 4.00 m
  • Low centre of gravity means excellent road stability, at speeds of up to 50 km/h
  • Tidy cab conditions, with stowage surfaces and holders for all cables and the drive shaft
LINER swathers

Safe, compact and fast transport on the road.

Almost all models fold down to a transport height of less than 4.00 m without removal of the tine arms. On two-rotor and four-rotor swathers, the rotors are folded up, and then hydraulically retracted from the tractor and mechanically or hydraulically secured for transport. This is both convenient for the user and extremely safe: the LINER's low centre of gravity ensures excellent on-road stability, even at travel speeds of up to 50 km/h. In models with larger rotor diameters, the tine arms are quickly and easily removed, thanks to the PROFIX attachment system, and stowed in the tine arm brackets provided. For even greater safety, most LINER models are equipped with lights and hazard signs as standard. Otherwise, these features are available as options.

LINER swathers

Clean and tidy.

The reliable and easy-to-use stand provides a convenient stowage surface for the drive shaft. And depending on the model, there are also user-friendly holders for hydraulic hoses and cables. So the machine can be parked away tidily, out of harm's way.

Rotatably mounted hose holders avoid any strain on the connection with the tractor.

There is plenty of room around the drive, allowing a steering lock of up to 80°.