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The CARGOS 8000.

In operation all the year round.

On the market since 2015, the CARGOS 8000 shows what it can do in both contracting operations and on family farms with their own equipment.

The CARGOS 8000.

In operation all the year round.

On the market since 2015, the CARGOS 8000 shows what it can do in both contracting operations and on family farms with their own equipment.

CLAAS forage harvesting | Dual-purpose wagons CARGOS 8500-8300

The models in the CARGOS 8000 series – ideal partners for family farm or multi-farm harvesting operations. These machines extend professional performance into your business segment.

NEW: CARGOS 8500 now with tridem chassis and 30.5-inch tyres.

The CARGOS 8500 dual-purpose wagon now makes the option of 30.5-inch tyres available to mid-sized contractors, and to farms that operate their own machinery. The new tridem-chassis version of the CARGOS 8500 can be fitted with tyres up to a size of 710/50 R30.5, with the benefit that the large contact area minimises compaction damage to soils that are moist or less able to withstand a load.

In combination with the electrohydraulic positive steering, the loader wagon can also be operated in crab-steering mode. In this way, the area driven over is increased still further, and the weight is ideally distributed over a wider area.

  1. Powerful carrier vehicle with stable chassis concept and tapered design
  2. High-performance metering roller module; can be removed quickly and conveniently
  3. LED work lights
  4. Choice of 22.5" or 26.5" tyres
  5. Slimline drawbar with a wide pick-up for maximum manoeuvrability and stability
  1. Convenient operation via CLAAS OPERATOR or COMMUNICATOR II
  2. Load weight indicator
  4. Modular axle bracket design
  5. Knife carriers with robust double-bladed knives
  6. Removable loading and cutting assembly

Highly efficient.

Three rotor segments are attached to the rotor casing and bolted together – that means if damage occurs, only the damaged segment needs to be replaced.


Ample space.

Blade holders swing out hydraulically and the scraper floor swivels 90° downwards for convenient knife changing.


Permanently razor-sharp.

Because the grinding angle is always correct, the scallop pattern is maintained, thereby extending the service life of the knives. This means you can keep cutting for longer than with conventionally ground knives.



The AQUA NON STOP COMFORT wet grinding technique is the efficient way to sharpen all standard knives, and keep them sharp for longer.

Loading volume (DIN)With medium compression
CARGOS 850041,5 m382 m3
CARGOS 840035,5 m371 m3
CARGOS 830030 m360 m3

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