CARGOS 760-740

The extension to the harvesting chain.

With the CARGOS 700, CLAAS presents the first wagon exclusively designed for forage transport. And not only that – CLAAS is the only manufacturer that can supply the entire harvesting chain from a single source.

CLAAS forage transport wagon | CARGOS 760-740 – the benefits for you.

  • Modular tandem or tridem chassis
  • With the front grille at an angle of 30°, and the body tapering towards the rear, all models have a maximum load volume.
  • Hydraulic articulating drawbar
  • Two open metering rollers to achieve maximum throughput
CARGOS 760-740

The forage transport wagon with 51–36.5 m3 (DIN) load volume.

  1. Stable structure with 8-mm-thick and 300-mm-high C profile (5 mm thick in the CARGOS 740)
  2. Simple operation via the tractor spool valves (comfort hydraulics optional)
  3. Modular tandem or tridem chassis with parabolic/hydraulic sprung suspension
  4. Electrohydraulic positive steering optional
  5. LED work lights optional
  6. Hydraulically sprung drawbar optional
  7. Two metering rollers including drive train optional
  8. Top frame extensions for increased load volume optional
  9. Tyre types up to 710/50 R 30.5 available

CARGOS 760-740 | Specifications

  • Load volume + Dimensions


    Load volume1Overall lengthOverall height²

    1 With platform gate extensions

    ²  Depending on tyres 30.5" / 26.5" / 22.5" and equipment with/without platform gate extensions

  • Chassis + Steering


    Tandem axle, 18 tTandem axle, 20 tTridem axle, 27 tTridem axle, 30 tSteered trailing tandem axleSteered trailing tridem axleLift axle for tridem axle (with hydraulic chassis only)

    ● Standard ○ Optional □ Available – not available

CARGOS 760-740

Load volume.

The CARGOS 700 is available with load volumes of 48.5, 42.5 and 36.5 m3 Ladevolumen. The optional platform gate extensions, providing extra height of 20–30 cm, increase capacity by up to 2.5 tonnes.

CARGOS 760-740

Body and equipment.

The forage transport wagon features an ultra-strong body. It is also approved for wood chip transport applications, thanks to the hot-dip-galvanised steel floor and solid flat conveyor chains.

CARGOS 760-740

CARGOS features.

The bilateral scraper floor drive, unique CLAAS chassis and optional electrohydraulic positive steering are examples of features taken over from the CARGOS 8000.

CARGOS 760-740

Single-source supplier.

CLAAS is the only manufacturer to offer all products in the forage harvesting chain from a single source, including the control terminal and a range of electronic solutions for the efficient use of an entire fleet of machines.


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