LEXION 770-750

Built on experience.

When real-world requirements and experience are combined with the latest research findings, the result is a machine which impresses on every count. We've listened to you and have designed a machine that is tailored precisely to your needs. The new LEXION.

CLAAS combine harvesters | LEXION 770-750. How you benefit.

  • Up to 20% more throughput with the APS threshing system – improved grain quality through closed threshing drum
  • APS + ROTO PLUS = APS HYBRID SYSTEM: an original only from CLAAS
  • Professional straw management with SPECIAL CUT II and power spreader with mechanical drive and automatic discharge direction adjustment for even spreading of straw over the entire working width
  • High on-road speed saves time: electrohydraulic ground drive capable of up to 40 km/h
  • CEBIS, CEMOS, CEMOS AUTOMATIC, CRUISE PILOT, automatic guidance and TELEMATICS ensure outstandingly convenient control and easy monitoring
  • VARIO cutterbars in widths up to 12.27 m facilitate up to 10% better performance by optimising the crop flow
  • The Perkins 2206 D engine provides reliable reserves of power
LEXION 770-750

LEXION Product Tour App - Now available in the Store.

The Product Tour app takes you on a virtual walkaround of the LEXION and highlights all the new technical features in detail. You can experience the LEXION from every angle and also take in a 360° operator's-eye view from the cab.

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LEXION 770-750
  2. Comfort cab
  4. CEBIS
  6. VARIO cutterbar table
  9. APS threshing system
  10. Planar cooling system with active dust extraction
  1. ROTO PLUS with 4D
  2. Perkins engine
  3. Power spreader with mechanical drive and automatic discharge direction adjustment
  4. SPECIAL CUT II chopper
  5. 4-link axle with 30" tyres up to 1.65 m in height
  6. Tyre pressure adjustment system
  7. JET STREAM cleaning with 3D
  8. TERRA TRAC / Tyre technology


Drum widthRotor sievesGrain tankEngineMaximum engine power (ECE R 120)
770 / 770 TERRA TRAC1700512500 (13500 TERRA TRAC)Perkins 2206 D385/524
760 / 760 TERRA TRAC1420511000Perkins 2206 D339/461
750 / 750 TERRA TRAC1420510000Perkins 2206 D308/419

LEXION 770-750


CEMOS AUTOMATIC continuously adjusts residual grain separation and cleaning and thereby permanently optimises the machine for the prevailing harvesting conditions. As a result, the machine is able to automatically deliver maximum throughput while maintaining the highest standards of grain and optimum sample quality and keeping fuel consumption to a minimum. All the operator has to do is activate the automatic functions.

The APS HYBRID SYSTEM. Threshing technology from CLAAS.

The combination of two outstanding technologies:

  • Tangential APS threshing system
  • High-efficiency ROTO PLUS post-threshing grain separation
LEXION 770-750

NEW: Grain tank capacity of 13,500 l.

After the threshing unit, residual grain separation and cleaning systems have done their work, the cleaned grain is collected in the expandable grain tank. Here too, with a large volume of up to 13,500 litres, the LEXION demonstrates its capacity for high performance, enhanced by numerous other strengths.

Straw management.

The LEXION sets the standard for straw spreading with the new straw chopper and the mechanically driven power spreader. This system is complemented by the ability to adjust the friction concave plate and the static knife array, as well as to switch between swathing and chopping, from inside the cab.


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